Climate Change

Bill McKibben Asks Rutgers University to “Do The Math”

billAll we’re asking for is for the type of planet we were born on. It’s not radical,” said Bill
McKibben in the Rutgers University Student Center (New Brunswick, NJ) on Monday, February 4, 2013. “Radicalism is the scientists of fossil fuel companies who are altering the chemical composition of the atmosphere more than any human has before them,” he added.

I had the privilege of attending Bill McKibben’s Do the Math Tour: Why Climate Change Matters and What You Can Do About It on Monday and enjoyed every minute of it.  McKibben was a wonderful, funny, and down to earth speaker who motivated me to attend the Climate Rally on Sunday, February 17 in Washington.  To read more about my experience and find out more about the Do The Math Tour, please read my post on Mother Earth News.

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