Guest Blog: What We Can All Learn from Laguna Chicabal

Guest Blog By: Kelley Scholl Kelley grew up in lovely Northborough, Massachusetts, but is now lucky enough to have pieces of her heart scattered the world over.  Her interests are: politics, kind people, pretty places, and good beer.  She attended University of Delaware where after approximately 80 majors, she graduated with degrees in Sociology and [...]

Living Below the Poverty Line on Food and Drink for 5 Days

Have you gone a day without buying anything? In a few of my courses back in college, we discussed the environmental impact of consumption, particularly in America. The concept of going days without purchasing anything new stuck with me and I have tried to carry it out as best I can. Which is one of [...]

Why an Environmentalist is Living Below the Poverty Line for 5 Days

Wow! It has been awhile since I have written for my blog. Since my last post in December, I started a new job and have been getting settled into my new digs. Based in Union Square in Manhattan, I now work for a global nonprofit called The Hunger Project. The Hunger Project works to empower [...]